Six Years Ago

Exactly six years ago, we were getting married! I can’t resist looking at our wedding photos. I would LOVE to plan another wedding; Nick would not agree with that statement.

Jochum1123 Jochum1067 Jochum1009 Jochum1105 Jochum1111 Jochum1152

I’ll admit the wedding ceremony is a blur. I remember walking down the aisle with Daddy; not being able to get my candle out of the holder and Nick having to help me; our preacher talking about the Jewish tradition of marrying under the huppah; and saying our vows.

Jochum1247 Jochum1232 Jochum1219 Jochum1191 Jochum1242 Jochum1280 Jochum1287

The reception was a blast! It’s one of my favorite days ever.

Jochum1398 Jochum1475 Jochum1406 Jochum1531 Jochum1481 Jochum1543 Jochum1538 Jochum1572 Jochum1622 Jochum1606 Jochum1563 Jochum1628 Jochum1627

Another thing that stands out about the wedding is the candy bar we had. Nick and Kayla both mentioned how cool they are a few weeks later and didn’t realize we had had one. Losers.


I love you, moose!

P.S. I totally thought about wearing my wedding dress today. Nick would have thought I was a total loon if I came out in it, but the thought has crossed my mind. The day isn’t over yet!!

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