Weekend in the Mountains

We spent three days in Blowing Rock, NC to celebrate our anniversary.

On the way up, we stopped at the outlet mall in Pigeon Forge and I got to do some birthday shopping. Nick brought home some bags from the Tool Store, which is probably not the official name, so we both got goodies. We spend money on completely opposite items!

We took advantage of our time and slept in and ordered room service since that isn’t on the agenda anymore. We weren’t completely lazy and did a hike on Friday morning. It was in the 40’s when we headed out, so we were bundled up in sweatshirts and jackets and I still froze. It’s amazing how quickly you adjust to warm weather!

IMG_5935 IMG_5939 IMG_5946

At the top of the hike was a tower where they used to watch for fires in the area. I made it up about two flights of stairs before I turned around and fled for safety! The wind was blowing the tower AND the sides barely had a railing. Heights give me heart failure and Nick doesn’t even try to convince me anymore. I watched him enjoy the view!



I forgot to charge my camera, so right when we had set it up to take a shot of the two of us, the battery died. Cell phone to the rescue!

20150501_134253[2] 20150501_134900[1]

Did you know your cell phone has a camera timer on it? I’ve had a cell phone for 10 years and I didn’t know that. It’s a good thing I married a smarty pants engineer who keeps me informed.

Shopping for me + hiking for Nick = happy couple

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