The Whirlwind of May

We survived the month of May! And yes, I know it’s almost July. May was insane-I traveled three times for work, Carson turned two, we had a college graduation, Mother’s Day and our wedding anniversary! This was the first time I’ve traveled for work since Carson was born AND it was my first trip back to DC!


Unfortunately, the Capitol wasn’t looking so hot during my trip, but it was still great to be back in the city. I miss working in DC, so it was fun to spend a few days on Capitol Hill. I got to catch up with a few friends over dinner and-is it sad that this is exciting-sleep for two nights without the threat of being woken up by a child. Glorious, I tell ya.

I spent a few days in Johnson City on the ETSU campus, but I was stuck inside all day. However, I did spot a Dairy Queen on my trip home and took a quick detour off the interstate.

After getting home on Thursday, I left on Saturday for Pittsburgh. Yes, two trips were back to back. Thank goodness for a Mom and husband who took care of Carson and sent me off to work-and a best friend who was ready to help if needed. The “it takes a village” mentatility is no joke!

IMG_20150531_112025 20150531_102019 20150531_102103


I did not have high expectations for Pittsburgh, but I was pleasantly surprised! I had the chance to run downtown on Sunday morning and went by the baseball stadium, riverfront and downtown area. They have a dedicated running and bike lane in certain parts of downtown. Since I primarily run in our neighborhood or along the trail in town, I run the same few miles OVER and OVER, so it was great to run a new path. That was one of my favorite things about living in DC-I could run different paths all the time and never get bored.

And, I do occasionally put on makeup and get out of my sweats! It felt strange!!


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