Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tour

We spent one night at the beach watching dolphins swim in the ocean. I knew it would be a fun adventure for the kids, but we ended up having as much fun as they did!

IMG_6234 IMG_6225 IMG_6229


Shrimp season had just opened in Georgia and some of the boats were still out on the water. I noticed someone tossing fish off the back of the boat, so we are assuming they are in with the dolphin tours to ensure you see them. Still, it was awesome to see dolphins swimming around! There was a baby dolphin swimming with his mama that we saw several times.

IMG_6238 IMG_6390


I think our guide told us this is the oldest lighthouse in Georgia and second in America. However, don’t quote me on that.



Luckily Carson was free, because he nodded off for a portion of the ride.


We did the sunset cruise and the sunset over the water was gorgeous.


And two of my favorite pictures from the trip are of these two:



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