Life Lately

Every time I do a phone dump to the computer, I love to go back and look at the daily photos I’ve snapped. Here’s a few from the past few months.

Carson loved watching the Belmont Stakes and jumped on his horse, just like the jockeys.


He now knows that we can take photos on my phone and will hold the phone up and push the button. I end up with 20 pictures of the floor with a few normal ones thrown in.


It’s Mae!


We had dinner at the Sisco’s and realized it was National Best Friend Day. It was meant to be for us to get together that day!


We took a picnic to the park one afternoon after work. And by picnic, I mean we picked up Zaxby’s.


Coming home from Nashville, we thought Carson would pass out. Nope! Giggles the entire trip.


Playing outside and waiting for Daddy to get home.


Dinner and Bible Study with these girls is good for my soul.


Carson is obsessed with his bike helmet. Safety first!


Papa Stan is the best cart pusher at the grocery store!


We may need a bed soon if this continues.


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