It’s a Fire Truck World

Carson is obsessed with fire trucks right now. If you see him on a daily basis, there is a good chance he is wearing something with a fire truck on it. Typically this will be his fire truck pi’s. Yes, all the cute summer clothes I picked out have hung in the closet because fire truck pajamas are top of the list. Nick thinks it’s hilarious and fully embraces pajamas on any occasion. Boys.

He wears fire truck pajamas while hiding Roxie’s food.

2015-06-12 08.22.33

While at the beach, I finally let him wear the dang things to dinner because a meltdown was about to happen. He was thrilled.  I’m slowly learning to pick my battles.

2015-06-14 18.55.38

Some days we grocery shop in a fireman outfit.

2015-08-03 10.59.22

It’s necessary to wear fireman boots to play in puddles.

2015-08-03 14.32.40

We’ve gone to Lowe’s with pajamas AND fireman boots.

2015-07-10 19.40.23

We took him to the local fire station earlier this summer and he was in heaven. They let him climb all over the truck and I’m pretty sure it was one of the best days of his life!

2015-05-22 17.35.42 2015-05-22 17.35.53 2015-05-22 17.36.59

His Halloween costume should be easy this year!

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