A Belated Birthday Party

May was a crazy month, so we never had a chance to have a birthday party for Carson. My friends are awesome and came over in July to celebrate with us.

First fail of the night:


The fire truck cake tutorial looked SO easy on Pinterest. The cake fell apart as I cut it up. Then the icing would not turn from red to pink. When I tried to add in other colors, it wound up looking like vomit. When Mike saw the cake, he walked over because he thought it was a pile of beef.

Second fail of the night:

IMG_7177 IMG_7176

Carson got out of the pool and his lips were chattering. I took his temperate and it was 102. Awesome! I guess that beef looking cake made him ill. 🙂

This little lady used to be terrified of Nick and now she loves him! I mean, he is her future father-in-law.



IMG_7160 IMG_7164 IMG_7166 IMG_7168

Note to self: don’t have parties two months after the event. Lesson learned.

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