Backyard Boy

Since the weather has been fantastic lately, we normally head outside to play with Tenley. I’ve grabbed my camera the past few days while Carson has been mowing, hitting sticks together, digging in the dirt or peeing in the grass (his personal favorite). For a child that started out NOT liking grass or dirt, he absolutely loves being outside and “working.” If there is a puddle to be found, he will be jumping in it. The only hard part is convincing him that pants should be worn in public. We don’t even try in our yard-our neighbors probably think our child doesn’t own anything except underwear or fire truck pajamas.

He got a baseball/golf set last year and wasn’t interested at the time, but he loves it now. His favorite thing to do is try and hit the ball in the pool.

thumb_IMG_7273_1024 thumb_IMG_7285_1024

We had to have a conversation about NOT hitting people or cameras with the bat. Apparently that is just in boy genes to whack anything within reach.

thumb_IMG_7289_1024 thumb_IMG_7299_1024

He also likes to “mow grass,” which can also happen in wild sprints around the house.

thumb_IMG_7417_1024 thumb_IMG_7424_1024

Playing soccer with Tenley, who gained 6 pounds last week. She hasn’t grown into those paws or ears yet.


He doesn’t look at me and smile for photos, so I probably told him something crazy like, “look! Mommy has an alligator on her head!”


Occasionally he will decide to look at me and smile and then I get something crazy and silly like these, which happen to be my favorite.

thumb_IMG_7463_1024 thumb_IMG_7464_1024 thumb_IMG_7469_1024 thumb_IMG_7480_1024

While we have the occasional dose of terrible two’s that us want to pull out our hair, I LOVE this age. He is constantly telling us stories, making up things to do, and constantly amazing me with the things he knows.

thumb_IMG_7481_1024 thumb_IMG_7482_1024 thumb_IMG_7491_1024 thumb_IMG_7503_1024

Side note-we have definitely gotten our money’s worth out of the $5 cowboy boots and $1 mower. The cowboy boots are worn on a daily basis.

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