Trip to Children’s

Carson woke up around 2:30 a.m. last Monday with a coughing fit and we immediately knew it was a croup attack. After a round of steam shower and cold air that didn’t seem to help, we headed to Children’s for a dose of steroids. This is his 4th round of croup, so we are quite familiar with the routine.

IMG_1255 (002) IMG_1260

They weren’t that busy, but they were so backed up, so we didn’t up leaving until 8 a.m. Carson’s eyes were closed before we were out of the Chick-fil-a parking lot and we took a family nap once we got home.

He ended up missing an entire week of school because his fever kept creeping up, It finally hit 102 on Thursday, so we headed back to the pediatrician. They were worried about pneaumoia, but a quick x-ray showed everything was clear. He got to pick out a small toy for being so great for his x-ray. I thought we were leaving with a tractor, but he changed his mind once he spotted a fire truck.



We were all exhausted that night. I was making dinner and looked out and both boys were asleep on the couch. I let them nap and enjoyed dinner and an episode of Scandal!

IMG_1261 (002)IMG_1279The next morning, his fever broke and he felt much better. It only takes an expensive test to cure it sometimes!


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