Life Lately

Bandaids are very popular right now in our house. You can always bet that Carson will be wearing at least one and there’s a good chance Nick and I are sporting one as well.


I’ve started to take Tenley for a few runs. I love having a running buddy, but it’s a bit of a circus at the moment. She does great until we pass right by the road and she wants to lunge at every car. We’ve tangled up multiple times.

tenley walk

Kayla called me one day and said Asher had accidentally locked them into the playroom. I look my tools and headed over. Unfortunately, the screwdriver was too big and we couldn’t open the door. We were standing there trying to figure out what to do when Asher popped the door open with the screwdriver. The 3 year old solved the problem….we were crying we were laughing so hard!


Carson found a big puddle after church and was almost in it when Nick grabbed him. They threw rocks in the water instead.


Fall is officially here, so we picked up some pumpkins. Carson got a “baby” pumpkin and then threw it on the grass when we got home. (still going strong with the fire truck pajamas)


Carson wanted to take his Christmas pajamas on our run one day. I’ve learned to pick my battles, so we loaded them up! He was a happy camper.

clothes clothes2

Roxie was eating crackers off his belly, which resulted in that delicious baby laugh that I wish I could hear forever.


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