Notre Dame

I ran to the Eiffel Tower again on Sunday morning (where else would you want to run in Paris?!), and there was a half marathon about to start. I told Nick I should have signed up for it. I must have had that distance burned into my mind because we ended up walking 13 miles that day! When I’m saying we walked the entire city, I’m not exaggerating.

We aren’t the type of people to plan every minute of our vacation. Hello, we actually get to sleep in when we are away. So we took advantage of sleeping late and then enjoyed a “croque madame” for breakfast.

We started off the day at Notre Dame. Certain parts of it reminded me of the National Cathedral in D.C. We didn’t pay the 3 euros to rent an audioguide, so we learned the history that was translated into English.


thumb_IMG_7734_1024 thumb_IMG_7729_1024


Holy water


I asked him if his Catholic heart felt right at home!

thumb_IMG_7676_1024 thumb_IMG_7683_1024 thumb_IMG_7671_1024thumb_IMG_7667_1024


Pictures (mine anyway) don’t do justice to how beautiful this place really is. You weren’t allowed to use a flash inside, so most of those shots are too dark. But the elaborate details that cover the entire church were gorgeous. It amazes me that things like this were built before modern machinery and technology were available.  I wouldn’t have wanted to be the poor sucker who had to install the stain glass windows or detail the ceiling on whatever qualified as a ladder back in the day!

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