Trick or Treat

Halloween was so much fun this year! I was certain Carson would want to be a fireman, but from the very first time I asked him, he said he wanted to be a cow. In all fairness, he had no idea about Halloween was about, but he still stuck with cow when asked.

So cow it was! I thought a cow costume would be a piece of cake, but apparently it’s not a popular costume because there were no children’s cow costumes where I looked. They did have adult cow costumes, which seems backwards. I considered making it, but had a huge event at work that week, so I decided to do myself a favor and Amazon delivered a perfect cow costume to our door.

He isn’t big on costumes yet, so we were sure he would refuse to wear it, but apparently the promise of candy won out. Superman, Wonder woman and a Princess Fairy (her exact words) came to trick or treat with us.

thumb_IMG_8639_1024 IMG_4416

Look at how much they have grown since last year! 


Superman has been hitting the weights!


I can’t wait for the day when she thinks her Mama is uncool and comes over to hang out with Aunt Lauren!




They were unwrapping candy as soon as they got their hands on it!


This costume will be recycled for Chick-fil-a cow days!


Throw this girl some glitter and wings and she’s in heaven!

thumb_IMG_8713_1024Little moo cow is all about this Daddy these days.



This girl is a hot mess and I just love her to pieces. 

Here’s another pair that looks alike!


Trying to get a group photo is impossible, even if you bribe with candy!


We had to wake Carson up so we would have time to trick or treat, so we thought he would be a complete grump. He wouldn’t talk until the candy started flowing and then he warmed right up! He even said “trick-or-treat” on the last street and he RARELY talks to strangers. The things kids will do for candy!

Happy Halloween!

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