Why I Travel

In 7th grade, I had to do a report on a city and since then, I have wanted to travel the world. I still remember making my poster and gluing photos to it!

Once I did a study abroad program to Costa Rica in college, I knew I officially had the travel bug and our recent trip to France just reaffirmed why I want to go as many places as possible. I love seeing other cultures and experiencing how other people live, trying new food and exploring neighborhoods.

The recent attacks in Paris made me even more grateful for the traveling I have been able to do and is something I want to pass on to Carson. Yes, I realize it sounds crazy to discuss travel where a terrorist attack happened. But having been there (and only a few weeks before, which is scary) just makes these type of events real and not just a news story. I come from a small town and many people don’t feel the need to travel further than Knoxville, but I feel like they are missing so much of the world. I feel like meeting people and seeing how they live differently just opens your eyes to so much more than we experience in our daily bubble. I hope that we are able to travel with Carson and that we give him a larger view of the world than our little piece.

Paris was magical, the people were friendly (despite what you hear) and we had an amazing trip. Here are some of my favorite shots from our week there.



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