Things I’ve Asked My Dad

Have y’all seen this video?

I love it! It made me think about all the things I have asked my Dad over the years.

Here’s a few that came to mind:

During college, I just had a fancy ol’ flip phone, so I had to depend on myself or MapQuest to navigate around Nashville. Both of these options normally resulted in me getting lost, so I typically would call and say, “Dad, I am driving through Nashville and the Batman building is on my right. Which way do I go?” Luckily he always managed to get me to my destination.

My roommate Kristen and I were headed home for a weekend on the lake, I couldn’t get around a tire that was on the interstate and hit it, which caused us to go across the median and onto the other side. We were on the other side facing oncoming traffic, so I sat there, called Dad and just started crying. Probably not the best first move, but we survived.

I worked at Cracker Barrel in college and was driving home when a car t-boned me at an intersection. Guess what my first move was? “Dad, a car just hit me. What do I do?” Oh, I was crying of course during this phone call.

Dad, how do I do (insert any number of things) this on my Mac? This started in college when I had to use a Mac for the first time and thought it was the spawn of Satan. Since I bought one last year, I have made this same call multiple times…and probably more to come.

I was leaving Murfreesboro one night after cheerleading practice and my car wouldn’t shift into fifth gear. Solution-call Dad! “Dad, my car won’t go into 5th gear and I’m on the interstate, what do I do?” This resulted in him driving to Murfreesboro the next day to take me car shopping.

“Dad, my boss just called me and here’s what he said. What do you think?”

Upon landing my first grown-up job, “Dad, I get a retirement account and need to decide how I want to invest. Which one should I choose?”

I’m sure this list will just continue to grow!

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