Run Turkey, Eat Turkey

Steph and I started Thanksgiving at dark thirty. Deciding to run a Turkey Trot always seems like a good idea when you sign up and it’s still warm outside. When I picked her up at 6:15 a.m., it was freezing.

We were both frozen for the first mile, but warmed up quickly and we had so much fun! It’s a down and back race through Turkey Creek and it’s wonderful because it’s flat. Score! This was especially great this year because I signed up for the 10k and only made 3 runs in the past 3 weeks. However, I’m happy to report that although I had my slowest 10k, I ran the entire 6 miles. And Steph ran her fastest 5k ever! She may have passed me heading to mile 3. šŸ™‚


We got an early Christmas present this year-Brandi and family have moved back!! I was with my cousins all.the.time growing up, so I’m so excited for this new generation to grow up together.


Nick said you can tell Colby has younger siblings because he was so patient with Carson…letting him climb all over him and driving him around in the car. Carson thinks Colby is pretty cool (his words).

Funny story-Colby asked Brandi if they could get a membership to our pool for next summer. I told him I would be happy to charge a small fee!

Aunt Della has always had Christmas crafts for us to do once the Thanksgiving meal is over. This year we painted Christmas ornaments. I also stole an idea from Kayla and we made Indian vests out of Food City bags. Nothing better than a free craft! It’s a good thing Brandi is used to home school projects because I was struggling trying to cut out the arm holes. Martha Stewart I am not.


Kids will have a pile of paint on their plate and say they need more. Carson just likes to paint one item and pile it with as much paint as possible (that’s if he sits down to do it). He recently painted the same piece of paper for 10 minutes and it took hours to dry.



And don’t think the craft fun is just for the little kids-the original kids still participate!


Carson, when you look at these photos one day and wonder where you were, it’s because you refused to paint a vest and just ran around like a wild Indian.


Happy Thanksgiving little goblets!

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