Life Lately

Roxie typically steers clear of Carson, so this made me do a double take. I guess when a grown-up lap isn’t available, she will take what she can get.

P.S. Is that not the sweetest little face you’ve ever seen?!


Nick used to always put Carson to sleep in this hold and it’s apparently effective on Weston as well! And those were Carson’s crab pajamas; I almost cried when I got them out.


I’ve started helping Annie’s cheer team one night a week and occasionally we demonstrate our skills.


Tenley isn’t a small puppy anymore! At 6 months, she is around 60 pounds and still growing.


Carson started out hating the dirt, but he has officially embraced and loves it. He likes to dig in this dirt pile. We spent an hour burying his truck and finding it. He had a blast, but didn’t care for Tenley helping him dig.


Carson helped Aunt Della cut out the shapes for the Christmas ornaments. He looked at her and said, “we are doing a good job!”


We kept Maeve the other night and she did not want Roxie anywhere near her, but quickly warmed up and wanted to play.


Whenever I go on a work trip, we show Carson where Mommy’s plane will go. I’ll be honest, I had to look for Dubai. I don’t think we studied the UAE in geography at Roane County High.


This boy, he’s my best little buddy.


Within two minutes of being in Target, he fell over and went to sleep. This kid can sleep anywhere.


If you get a Christmas card and the address is written all crazy, it’s because a little elf was “helping me.”


I told Carson we had to go get his hair cut and he said, “I already got my hair cut.” Apparently one time is sufficient! He loves getting to sit in the car and “drive.”



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