Christmas flew by this year. Or maybe it was because we were wearing flip flops and tank tops for the month of December, so it didn’t feel like Santa was about to arrive.

But even though it was warm, we packed a lot of jolly activities into the month!

We decorated the tree.


Elsa the Elf came to visit from the North Pole. Carson has never even seen Frozen, but being around Lily constantly obviously rubbed off because he named the elf Elsa. And said it was a boy.


We made Christmas cookies with the cousins.

We went to Springfield and stayed with Nana. This is what you get when you take a picture with three boys. Chaos.


Dad and Janet sent Carson a bubble machine, so we had a bubble filled Christmas. He is obsessed with this thing and doesn’t take his finger off the trigger until we say the shark needs to “rest” to blow more bubbles.


The entire family was actually together on Christmas Eve and Day this year-a Christmas miracle!



Carson asked Santa for a horse trailer and truck and was so excited when it showed up on Christmas morning. So excited that he didn’t want to open any other gifts for the rest of the day! Next year, it’s one gift for him.



We also had a monsoon and our backyard creek flooded. Nick’s attire is the latest fashion trends for 2016. The dogs had a blast.


Christmas is over, so bring on spring!


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