Celebrating 90 Years

When you turn 90, you deserve a party to celebrate! We had a birthday party planned for Grandmom last weekend, but the snow quickly changed those plans. Luckily, most of the family could still come this Saturday, so we put our party pants on. No surprise party though…..that’s a little risky for a 90 year old.


This photo took a few attempts with the timer, but ALL of us are looking, even the kids. Amazing!


Grandmom and Aunt Hattie, her younger sister. Colby had fun giving her a hard time about being an Auburn fan. Between Tennessee, Alabama and Auburn, football is always a fun subject in our family.


This boy loves his Nana!


Twinning with Aunt Steph.

It was a beautiful day, so the kids spent most of it outside. A shovel, stick, dirt and water and they were entertained. And messy. Carson had to change pants twice from falling in the mud before he could come back inside.





It gets confusing figuring out how this next generation is related, so everyone is just a cousin.


Weston was just passed from lap to lap, so he was a happy camper the entire day.

Callen ended up in his Spiderman costume and showed us his superhero tricks. I said, “Carson, look, Spiderman is at the house.” Callen looked at me and said, “I’m not really Spiderman, it’s just a costume I got for Christmas.” One of my favorite quotes from a child.


We had such a fun day celebrating Grandmom! We didn’t put 90 candles on her cake because it seemed like a bad idea for someone with heart problems and that many candles!!




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