Life Lately

I’ve been trying to stay warm and focus on the fact that spring is coming very soon! I’m done with cold temperatures, ice and snow. Take note, mr. weatherman.

Even though we’ve mostly been inside, 2016 is off to a great start and has already surpassed 2015 on these terms. More to follow on this thought.


I’m so proud of this girl!! She started working out a few months ago and loves it! I love having a workout partner!


I can’t believe that I just got this girl ready for a cheerleading competition. She was only 18 months old in our wedding!


Cheer coaches!


Anytime I see a DQ on the interstate, it’s mandatory to stop and get a blizzard.


Carson is obsessed with flashlights, so the lights are always being turned off in our house.


Each time we are in the shoe aisle in Target, he checks out these fireman boots. I bought them a few weeks ago and they have been heavily used.


Roxie and I have the same opinion on winter.


Off to school, this time in cowboy boots that are 5 sizes too big. I pick my battles.


A snow day isn’t complete without hot chocolate with marshmallows!


Tenley has been inside lately with the cold weather and it’s always funny to watch Carson with her. He bugs Roxie, but plays with Tenley.


After children’s church last week, Lily tried to carry Carson off the stage. We also forgot to put a belt on him and his pants started falling down while up front. It was hilarious.


Valentine’s lunch with my love.

IMG_3005 2

Some days, I feel like I’ve ran a marathon before I arrive at work.

IMG_3006 2

It’s never too cold for ice cream.

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