I’m Still Here

Well, I took a little an unplanned break from the blog, but I couldn’t stay away forever! We’ve been busy, so here’s a little peek at what we’ve been up to.

1. I’ve added group fitness instructor to my resume! I’ve been interested in this for years, but was afraid to take the plunge. I finally contacted the local gym in town and I just started teaching a class called Max Muscle.

On the first day I taught, I saw a post about it on Facebook and got SO NERVOUS. I think I was jittery the entire hour! The second week felt much better and after the first month, I’m finally starting to get more comfortable. I did read an article recently that said most instructors suck for the first year, so I hope that isn’t the case!

2016-03-21 18.36.09-1.jpg

2. I managed to curl my hair with a wand. I burned myself at least 3 times.

2016-03-26 17.04.47.jpg

3. On the baby front, well, we don’t have one. 🙂 When I started my period last month, I just broke down and lost it. I felt much better after that-sometimes you need to cry it out! I think the stress of the last year had just built up and I needed to get some of the emotion out. I can be on Clomid for 3 or 4 more cycles and then we are going to see what we want to do. We did look up some general information recently on fertility and surrogacy and we both about had a stroke.

4. Nick bought a bike and a trailer so they can ride while I run with Tenley. It makes for a nice little family date and it’s nice to not run alone all the time. Carson is like his parents and can fall asleep anywhere.

2016-03-19 13.14.49.jpg

5. We’ve had lots of time with family!

2016-02-28 12.15.57

6. Tenley is HUGE, but thinks her 75 pounds fits nicely in my lap. Now that she isn’t chasing cars in every direction, she’s the best little running partner.

2016-02-05 19.45.45-1

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