Saturday in Gatlinburg

I had a cheerleading competition in Gatlinburg on Saturday and we decided to take Carson to the Aquarium after it was over. While we were warming up, Nick and Carson hit up the arcade. Boys can only handle so much glitter and bows! And is it any surprise that Carson spotted a fire truck outside?!


Or a surprise that he fell asleep in spite of the loud music and screaming cheerleaders? This child needs his sleep.


Our girls did great and came home with 2nd place! I also had a slightly mortifying moment where they made coaches come on stage and lip sync in groups. I seriously considered sprinting to the bathroom, but just decided to embrace it and channel my inner rock star. Unfortunately, there is video evidence on social media. Heavens.


We went to the Aquarium for the afternoon and Carson was so excited to see the fish. He had a lot of fun, but WOW, it’s pricey. I almost had a stroke when I bought our tickets. I told Nick we were one and done with Aquarium trips. I know, I’m cheap.


Carson wanted to go in the tubes to see the penguins, but there were so many kids he kept hanging back. He would start to go and back off when another kid ran up. He finally stole his moment and got to look around. He’s definitely on the shy side, just like Nick and I were as kids.

We ate at Johnny Rocket’s before we drove home. The minute Nick’s milkshake came out, Carson stole it. He definitely learned that from his mama.

It was such a fun family day. It reminded us that we need to sneak away from the house and chores more often and just hang out.

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