Family Cookout

I normally keep things light hearted around here-photos of Carson, workouts, things I’ve baked or eaten. I know yesterday’s post wasn’t the “pretty” part of life we normally talk about on blogs, but so many people reached out with sweet comments, prayers, and shared their stories, and it made it completely worth putting something so personal out there. So to everyone that took the time to comment or reach out to me-THANK YOU! It means more than you will ever know.

Now, on to something lighter-a family cookout!

As soon as spring made its grand appearance, we took full advantage and got outside. First on the list was a family cookout!

thumb_IMG_9501_1024 2

thumb_IMG_9508_1024 2
Carson clearly dressed for company-I pick my battles and wearing pajamas at home is one I’ve learned to let go!

thumb_IMG_9509_1024 2
This little monkey was showing off what she’s been learning in gymnastics! She’s taking classes where I coached for four years!

I asked Uncle Ferland if he didn’t think we would let him sit at the adult table!
thumb_IMG_9518_1024 2Callen would have eaten

thumb_IMG_9520_1024 2thumb_IMG_9521_1024 2thumb_IMG_9523_1024 2thumb_IMG_9524_1024 2thumb_IMG_9526_1024

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