About Me

Hi, y’all!  I’m Lauren and I have freckles-lots of them!  I hated them as a kid, but at 30, I’ve officially embraced the freckles.


After a few fast paced (and expensive) years in Washington, DC, I’ve returned to my Southern roots and moved back to East Tennessee.  I used to spend my days in a suit and heels as a PR professional, but these days I spend my time chasing around our wild little monkey, Carson.  That marks two things I swore I would never do-move back to my hometown and become a stay at home Mom.  Turns out, I happen to be loving both right now!  I do manage to squeeze in freelance work during nap time, but I no longer report to an office at 8 a.m.


When I’m not chasing after a busy little boy, I love all things British and Kate Middleton, to make baked treats for no reason, have people over, read a good book, and indulge in the weekly shopping trip to Target.



I’m openly obsessed with my furry child, love my husband’s sense of humor, sing Rocky Top during football season and think Costa Rica is the best place on earth.


I have an endless appetite for ice cream and chocolate, which I try to balance out with running and lifting weights.

And as I tell my husband, everything in life can be related to a quote from Friends.

If you are new here, check out the short version of the past few years.  And make sure you stick around for the long one!

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Alicia says:

    Hey! I saw your blog through Holly’s blog, Everydays a Hollyday, and noticed your cool blog title (I’m a fellow freckled gal myself!), just thought I’d stop by and say Hi!! 🙂 -Alicia

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