Get Sweaty

I’ve been active my whole life-I was a cheerleader, rode horses, played softball, spent every summer in the pool and danced away the hours to *NSYNC.  In college, I did visit the rec center, but exercise was more in the form of running around at tailgates and sorority mixers.  During my last semester of college (Go MTSU!), I joined a gym, took my first Group Power class and started to really appreciate the feeling from a good workout.   

Once I entered the real world and landed my first “big girl job,” I knew I needed to get serious about working out to counter all those hours sitting at a desk.  A friend introduced me to classes from Les Mills and I’ve been hooked ever since-Body Pump, Body Combat and Body Attack are my favorite ways to work out, although it took me a while before I could make it through a class without wanting to harm the instructor.

I’ve recently discovered a love for running.  I ran the occasional 5k in college, but I never considered myself as someone who was able to run.  When Nick and I moved to D.C., I didn’t have a gym membership, so I went outside and tried to convince myself that I could run.  After several slightly miserable two to three mile runs, I was determined to stick with it and prove I could run.  I signed up for the Marine Corps Turkey Trot 10k and trained to make those six miles by using Hal Higdon’s 10k Novice Training Program.  Halfway through the training program, I realized I was in love with running! 

I ran my first half marathon, the Virginia Beach Rock-n-Roll Half on September 4, 2011, and haven’t stopped since!

Nick and I ran the Marine Corps 10K in October 2011.

I ran the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in April 2012.

I also like to lift weights and here are some of my favorite workouts:

Track Bootcamp

Full Body Workout

Body for Life Upper Body Workout

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