One thought on “Talk To Me

  1. Ellen Stites says:

    Lauren, I was so fortunate to see Darren’s fb post that led me to your blog. I love the name. My grandchildren have freckles and I tell them a face without freckles is like a night without stars. I am Ellen, your Aunt Sue’s daughter. You probably remember my daughter, Rachel, more than me. She and Heather were big buds, growing up. I spent the morning with your Pop(my precious uncle) and though he is a little tearful, he so wants to go home. I, like you, think the shower is the perfect place to cry and continue to be amazed when God reminds me Who He Is ! I have felt so helpless through this, mom (Aunt Sue) has not left his side and there has been seemingly nothing for me to do, but pray. HOSPICE, I worked in that field for 15 years, then with Home Instead Senior Care (in home, non-medical, caregivers) after that. Janet, Rachel and I went into action. Within a few hours, we had Pop ready to go home. Rachel and her husband Steven work for a medical equipment company and Steven will be going in and sitting up all the equipment. Rae is making sure that he has everything he needs. Steven and Uncle Leroy are huge buddies and Steven is very honored to be able to do this, we also thought it would be better for Nanna, with one less stranger in the house. We have also begun arrangements for an in home caregiver to come in and be awake during the night if that is needed. Finallly, something we could do and again awe struck that God knew I would need to know these things for this purpose some day. Rachel has just recently left the school system to work for this medical company and has since been able to provide the very best of what they have to offer for both her grandfather and her uncle. I hope we can make a pact to keep this family as close as these siblings have always been and perhaps fb and blogging are the way for us to do that. I know you really don’t know me, but child you are loved, by many cousins, aunts and uncles here in Robertson County. I look forward to seeing you on our Day of Celebration for Pop . All my love, Ellen Stites

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